About Us

At Sacred Circle, we understand that many (all) women have some form of insecurity in their self-image. We work on the 'Feel Good, Look Good' principal - not the other way around. By embracing our feminity and finding strength in ourselves, we reach a new level in self-confidence. Improved self-image. Improved spiritual, mental, and physical health.
Every woman has talents. Learning to focus on and enhance them is the first step to regaining feminine power. 
Tapping into those talents can sometimes be more difficult than we think, as we believe the stories that have woven into what we know as the tapestry of our lives.

Every trauma. Every accident. Every heart break. Every abuse. Everywhere.
It's all still locked away, trapped in our bodies. It's time to dig deep, and learn how we can release our trauma, repattern our bodies, and restrengthen our lives.

Thai Massage. Restorative Yoga. Energy Work. Marma Therapy. Cranial-Sacral Assists. Aerial Yoga. Belly Dance. Fitness.
It's all here for you.

Here's the interesting thing about belly dance, and women moving in waves, circles, and spirals:

Most people think you have to be thin to belly dance - but that is wrong. Here are a few myths that we should clear up.
1. All women are self-conscious to some degree about their bodies. We all think there is something wrong with us. No matter what.
2.  Having a belly, being voluptuous, actually gives a belly dancer more to work with. Skinny figures are at a huge disadvantage in belly dance.
3.  Belly dancing has nothing to do with men, dancing for men, certainly not created by men.  It is a dance form for women. Created by women.  To be danced with each other without disgrace or judgment.
4.  The dance of the seven veils is not about nudity or sensuality. It is about unveiling the most magnificent of costumes, one that friends and sisters alike will 'oooooh' and 'aaahhhhhhh' over.
5.  You don't have to be a dancer to dance.  There is no more beautiful way to stay healthy and active while being the ultimate in femininity.
6.  Dancing is for women of all ages.  We actually become more in tune with our inner goddess as we age.......LET HER OUT!!
Come and join our top quality instructors, certified in fitness & dance, and embrace YOU.

Meet Our Teacher

Crystal is owner, operator, artistic director, and lead instructor at Sacred Circle Belly Dance, opening its doors in September 2014 with a meager 10 students.

What first started as a place to dance, soon turned into a place where all women who feel like they don't fit in, started feeling like they finally fit in.

With a desire to make everyone feel great in their own bodies, Crystal's pursued over 1300 hours in training and certifications since 2009.

Now a qualified 250hr Datura Style belly dance instructor, Bellyfit Regional Trainer, 250RYT in Aerial Yoga, and 200YTT in Yin, Restorative, and Vinyasa.
Even with the past accomplishments, still pursuing more.

Quitting a full time position as an Architectural Technologist, to go full time at the studio - Crystal looks forward to helping everyone in her Circle to feel better in their bodies.

Crystal currently teaches all the belly dance basics, tribal fusion belly dance, Datura Style Belly Dance, Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Total Barre, and Bellyfit Flow classes.

If you'd like more information on feeling better in YOUR body, email crystal@scbd.ca to book a consultation with Crystal. Establish your support. Release the years of tension caused from the body's compensations for injury, sitting, standing, wear and tear, rehabilitation, and more.