at Sacred Circle

from Canadian creators Alice Bracegirdle, and partner DJ Rowan

Who we are

We’re a global community of likeminded, passionate women.
We care deeply about our families, our communities & our world and we’re doing our part to make a difference, by raising the global standard in Women’s Holistic Fitness.
We’re creating more joy and harmony on our planet through smart, soulful movement that’s intentionally designed for the female body, mind & spirit and we’re fiercely committed to redefining what healthy, fit and beautiful really look and feel like ~
one deep breath, one smile and one booty shakin’ shimmy at a time.

What we know

We know that between working, laundry, shopping, cooking, parenting, partnering and brushing your teeth ~ finding time for a workout can sometimes feel impossible.
We also know that no matter how busy you are and no matter what your age, shape, size, ability, race or faith ~ regular exercise is an essential part of a happy, healthy life.
We MUST find time to move…often. Period.
However, not all workouts are created equal, and not all exercise is intelligently & intentionally designed for your specific needs ~ as an ever-evolving, modern woman.
That’s where we come in.

What we do

We create workouts designed specifically for the modern woman ~ pelvis, hips, belly, breasts, booty and brain ~ all that fabulous, feminine goodness gets worked, shaped and shimmied!

Smart, right?

Our team of incredibly talented, intuitive fitness professionals create easy to learn, inspiring routines that blend dance, fitness and Yoga moves seamlessly together in a way that’s so fun and effective that you won’t even notice what an amazing full body workout you’ve had until you peel off your sweat soaked bra after class and feel your muscles talking the next day!

Bottom line ~ we take care of you, so that you can take care of your world.

How we do it

Each Bellyfit® workout is designed to give you everything you need in one beautifully compact 60 minutes ~ 40 minutes of stress reducing cardio, 10 minutes of full body toning, and 10 minutes of Yoga inspired stretching and meditation.
Turns out, you can have it all.
And it’s all right here.


A high-energy barre program focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. Many barre programs are treated as group exercise, by group exercise instructors.

That is not our barre program.

Our predominantly standing workouts are driven by music, which, when used
appropriately, have been proven to increase coordination, motivation and
improve movement quality. Incorporating the Total Barre Foundational
Principles, this class pays particular attention to exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement.

Our studio's Total Barre instructor is not only certified with over 1000 hours in fitness, dance, and yoga training, but also used to be a ballet dancer herself. Our classes are delivered in bare feet, or dance slippers (optional).

Come and join Crystal to reshape your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.