A Grounding Root Chakra Practice

Life has become chaos for many. It’s becoming more and more difficult to see the forest for the trees when our lives are filled with so many technological stimulants. We lose sight of what’s important, and we may feel as though we’ve lost control. We become stressed, feel chaotic, tension, anxiety, and more. If any of these states sound like a characteristic you’ve come to know, an increase in grounding and observing the Root Chakra is the support your body, mind, and spirit are asking for.
When we invite restorative grounding into our practice, we release our muscles in a tension-free way. This release allows us to connect with our Root, or base, Chakra, where we can really look at what we’ve come to believe, and how those thoughts and beliefs came to be. We can rewrite our own story, shedding the old to embody the new. Not only are we giving ourselves a tremendous release, but we are allowing the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome to calm down and subside, and our parasympathetic nervous system will have a chance to do the work it was meant to do and begin to heal our bodies.
Our Earth practice combines a soft blending of a Restorative beginning, a Yin practice, and a Restorative completion, creating a grounded and supportive practice.
You cannot begin to build upon a faulty foundation. Release the old, begin the new.

Intuitive Sacral Chakra Practice

Our intuitive practice allows us to reconnect with our body, putting us in touch with what we feel, as opposed to what we think. We can find opportunity to connect in the poses where we feel stuck, and lean into this area with soft, breath inspired movement.

We may find we are so focused on work during the week, we are just going through the motions of joy or happiness. Instead of actually living in the moment, we find ourselves acting out parts as if in a play, which in turn, results in our emotions either controlling our lives, or we completely disconnect from them.

This practice is about reestablishing your connection with your body. With your wants, with your rewards, and not feeling guilt associated with them. We face the emotions we are most afraid of here, like guilt, fear, and shame.

Our Mantra is I feel. I have the right to feel. I do what makes me feel alive, and I let go of guilt and shame.

We will become fluid as we bring the spiral line into our asanas, adding gentle twists to our practice of hip openers, stabilizers, and forward folds. We utilize these asanas in moving meditation, as we learn to go with the flow of life, with ease.

Solar Plexus Chakra Practice

The practice for our Solar Plexus is one of transformation and fire. We can provide a physical practice that activates the core, resulting in actual digestion that promotes mental and emotional growth.

The Solar Plexus is responsible for digesting everything that we take in and producing our strength, desire, and willpower to achieve the dreams we have. We can find our fixed mindset here, as well as the growth mindset needed to overcome the challenges and persevere.

We may find ourselves overthinking. Overdoing. Overstressing. Reading into situations for all the possible outcomes. Frayed nerves. We may find ourselves feeling like we're physically stuck......right down the inability to digest what we take in. Everything from heartburn to constipation can show up here.

Through working all our fascial connections, we will utilize backbends, twists, and core working asanas to build our heat, or our “Tejas”. Discomfort, frustration, and other sensations may show up for you, which is where your transformation begins.