My Master Mentor and Guru for Aerial Yoga is Monique Garios, of the Aerial Yoga Academy.
The only online training worth investing your money into. Real information, real support, fewer slogans and trendy bandwagon catch phrases.

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training - On-Line
Looking for more of a Yin option? The Aerial Yoga Academy has everything you need to start
your beginner aerial yogis off in a nice, low hammock. We bring you the restorative YIN
option, also available for on-line training.

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Aerial Yoga
Restorative Yin
Teacher Training - On-line
Looking for even more of a relax and heal option? Here at Sacred Circle, our team has developed our own special line of therapeutic Aerial Yoga, our Embrace Aerial Teacher Training. Here, we use all the props, and do all the relaxing. The parasympathetic nervous system will get a chance to heal your body, while we restore lost mobility and release tension that builds up in our fascia.

Embrace Aerial Foundations
A Restorative, In-Class, Teacher Training Program